Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Wifi Zone?

    • Wifi Zone is Vodafone’s wireless Internet hotspot service that allows you to access the Internet from our hotspots across Samoa using your Wi-Fi capable laptop, smartphone or tablet device.

  2. Where can I purchase a Wifi Zone Wi-Fi pass from?

    • You can purchase a Wifi Zone Wi-Fi pass from Vodafone stores at Matafele, Maluafou or Salelologa or from any of our authorized Wifi Zone locations. You can also purchase one online at

  3. How do I connect to the Internet using Wifi Zone?

    1. Purchase a Wifi Zone Wi-Fi pass from one of our authorized Wifi Zone vendors to get your username and password and go to a Wifi Zone hotspot location.
    2. Turn on the Wi-Fi on your device.
    3. Select “Wifi Zone” in the list of available Wi-Fi connections
    4. Once you are connected, open your browser, which should open at the page.
    5. At the page enter your login details from your prepaid Wi-Fi pass OR purchase an online pass to get your login details.
  4. How do I check my remaining time on my Wi-Fi pass?

    • Your available time should be showing in a timer that opens automatically when you log in. If this timer does not show (usually due to pop-ups being blocked on your device) you can check your available time by going to the which displays your available time and gives you the option to end your session.
  5. I’m having trouble logging in connecting, how can I get help?
    • First check that your WiFi on your device is enabled
    • Also please check that you are connected to the “Wifi Zone” Wi-Fi connection.
    • Double check your username and password sent to your email.
    • If you continue to have issues please call 121 or email

  6. How do I log off or end my session?

    • You can click “Log Off” in the timer window. If this timer does not show (usually due to pop-ups being blocked on your device) you can go to the click the “Log Off” button. It is important that you actively log off to end your session. Closing your browser will NOT end your session.

  7. Can I extend the expiry date of my Wi-Fi pass?

    • No, the expiration date of your Wi-Fi pass cannot be adjusted.

  8. What speeds can I expect at Wifi Zone Wi-Fi hotspot?

    • You should reach a maximum speed of 1MBPS at all Wifi Zone hotspots. Speeds may vary depending on the strength of your connection, and fiber quality where you are located, network congestion and other factors.

  9. Do I get a receipt when I purchase a Wifi Zone Wi-Fi pass online?

    • Yes, confirmation of your online purchase is sent to your email address along with your login details.

  10. I want Wifi Zone at my store/ hotel/ location. How do I turn my place into a Wifi Zone hotspot location?

  11. What is a Vodafone WIFI Zone card?

    • A Vodafone Wifi Zone Card lets you access Vodafone’s Wifi network located at over 50 Wifi Zones across Samoa.

  12. How much are the cards and what is the amount of data do I get?

    • We have four options available (1GB - $4, 2GB - $6, 6GB - $10 AND 15GB - $20)

  13. How can I purchase a Vodafone WIFI Zone card?

  14. How far from location can I access your WIFI Zone?

    • 15meters
  15. How long can I use my purchased card for?
    • All cards are valid for 5days once activated.

  16. Do I stay sign in and my data will still be there?

    • No, you must sign out otherwise your remaining data will be used up by your device.

  17. How many devices can I connect using the same username and password?

    • Up to three devices

  18. Will all my devices get the same amount of data?

    • No, whatever card you have purchased – that allotment is shared amongst your devices.

    • Example – 1GB is shared amongst your phone and laptop if you login using the same card.